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Bridal Mehndi Services

Bridal Heena

Let us design your mehndi for wedding that make you look prettier.

khafif mehndi design

Khafif Design

Not sure what design to go with? We’ll help you right from picking the right or applying it for you.

floral mehndi design

Floral Design

We have specialists in our team who can give you a completely perfect design that is what you want.

More Mehndi Services

Arabic mehndi design

Arabic Design

Setting your Mehndi design right can give you a perfect look for the occasion. You can just walk in and trust us for it.

pakistani mehndi design

Pakistani Design

We offer all the designs for you. so you can feel better about our designs.

marwadi mehndi design

Marwadi Design

Going to a wedding or going to a traditional party – we have your back. Just come to us and we get you ready with a perfect mehndi design.

mandala mehndi design

Mandala Design

Wish to experiment with new designs? Fear not. We are here to help you with trendy designs.

Dubai style mehndi design

Dubai Style Design

Our Dubai-style designs are known for trendy parties, events, and all designs that you want in this style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please arrive to your appointment with clean skin, no lotions or oils. Clothing should be loose or not obstruct the area to be henna’d. Waxing and manicures should be done in advance.

– Henna is applied to clean, dry skin. This can take anywhere from a few minutes for a simple design to 4 or 5+ hours for a heavy bridal mehndi.

– Once dry, it will be sealed with a sugar solution, or taped with medical tape. Henna paste is left on for a minimum of 4-6 hours, though overnight is traditional and guarantees the best color.

– After 4-12 hours, the paste is gently removed by picking it off or removing the medical tape. 

– You should avoid water for 12-24 hours after removing the paste for best color results. You should also avoid detergents, exfoliants, manual labor, and swimming in chlorinated water, as these things will fade the henna faster.

– Applying a natural vegetable or beeswax based oil/balm before bathing can help prolong the life of your henna design. You can do this several times a day.

– For best results, henna should be applied 2-3 days prior to your important event so that the stain is at its peak on your special occasion.

Mehndi is safe for use on the skin and hair. Mehndi is also effective in treating athlete’s foot and dandruff, due to its anti-fungal properties. Some people report mehndi to be soothing for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, though it should never be applied to broken skin.

You can use a mixture of baking powder and lemon juice to remove Mehndi stains from your nails. Another option is to mix any oil with salt and use this as a scrub to remove the stains. You may need to repeat the process a few times to get rid of the color completely.

When your Mehndi color is faint after a few days of application, you can use lemon juice to remove it completely. Lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent which will help in removing the stains faster. It can dry your skin. So it’s advisable to moisturize after using lemon juice for removing Mehendi.

Mehndi artists swear by this trick to darken the color of Mehndi immediately after application. Using good quality coconut oil or any of the heavier oils will help darken the color of your Mehndi over a couple of days.

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